Accordion Lessons taught by Ross

Private or group lessons available at your site or one of ours.  Call or e-mail for price and availability.  (Area code 713) 598-8317  or valinapolka(at)

Ross is classically trained and degreed in Accordion.  He began playing at the age of 4, but did not have a formal lesson until he was 10.  He posesses a confident knowledge of music theory, and applies it in such a way that his students understand.  His teaching style is patient and encouraging.  He teaches piano accordion, or button chromatic C system.  Note: There is very little written material in the English language for the button chromatic, so he is developing materials on a per lesson basis.  He has perfect pitch, precise tempo and a strong musical ear; all great qualities in a teacher.  His students see marked improvement in their playing after working with him. 

Classes are forming right now on Monday nights in Pasadena at the HAPI studio.  There are also new and used accordions for sale at the studio.