First impressions can make or break a performer.  In today's fast moving world of constant www access, and multi tasking, it can be very difficult to grab and hold an audience's attention.  ...But, it can be done. 

Valina and Ross coach performers and aspiring performers in stage presence.  This is a broad subject encompassing everything from first contact and booking proceedures, to backstage etiquette, to techniques for use before, during and after a show.  Valina has been on the stage in various situations nearly all of her life.  She's been dancing on stage and television since she was three, and singing on the stage since she was 8.  Through training, trial and error, she's learned the valuable lessons performers need to be successful on the stage.  Ross has been singing on stage for 25 years, and playing accordion on stage for 20 years.  Stage presence techniques are very important to performers, but some of the lessons learned are even more valueable in every day interaction with the public, especially professionals in the service industry. 

Rule #1, we'll give away:  NO GUM!!

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