Tomball German Festivals is a proud contributor to the Tomball German Festivals. 

Time is volunteered and webspace is donated to these fun German events every year with the understanding that the benefits go to students and student organizations interested in German language and heritage.
Click on the adjacent logo for the official Tomball German Fest website, complete with information about both the Tomball German Heritage Festivals and the Tomball German Christmas Markets.  Click here for more information about the upcoming festival from entertainment coordinator, Valina.

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General Information

Keep an eye on these pages in the ValinaPolka website for up to date information.

Tomball German Festivals raise money for exchange programs between Tomball and Telgte Germany.  This includes scholarships for students to go to school overseas.  In 2011, a scholarship was awarded to a young lady who studied German in high school, and volunteered at the festival.  She used the money toward her school expenses in Poland.  Many other students have received scholarships as well!

The festivals also send support to Houstonfest and Houstonfest participants.  Houstonfest is an annual competition for Houston-area students in grades 8 through 12 who are in the German language program.  It offers 36 contests for students in German I, II, III, IV, and V, including written and oral tests, declamation, drama, art, craft, folk dance and music.  There are also categories for advantaged speakers.
  Many of these students participate in the Tomball Festivals by displaying their winning artwork in the Heritage Center in March, performing with their folk dance groups, polka bands and choirs.  The festival makes donations to the clubs for their participation.  In 2014, over $5000 was donated to German clubs who performed and displayed artwork at the festivals.  Some groups host activity booths provided by the festival for fund raising.  Drop by with the family, let the kids play a game, or make a craft, and meet these dedicated German students!

These are just a couple of examples of how the festivals use the money they raise to support German students.  There are many more functions and scholarships that happen each year benefiting high school graduates, exchange students and college students!