Voice Lessons taught by Ross and Valina

Private or group lessons available at your site or one of ours.  Call or e-mail for price and availability.  (Area code 713) 598-8317  or valinapolka(at)yahoo.com

Ross is classically trained in voice.  He minored in it while majoring in accordion.  He's been singing all of his life, and began singing with choirs during his middle school years.   He posesses a confident knowledge of music theory, and applies it in such a way that his students understand.  His teaching style is patient and encouraging.  He has perfect pitch, precise tempo and a strong musical ear; all great qualities in a teacher.  His students enjoy learning how to use their voices properly, and feel more confident about their singing abilities after working with him.  He is currently teaching private lessons at Sienna Lutheran Academy in Sienna Plantation, near Houston, TX.