Das Ist Lustig loves perfoming at festivals and picnics! 
The three or four piece party band will truly create a rollicking Biergarten atmosphere wherever they play, with a mix of songs and interactive arrangements to fill a large festival tent, or bierhall.   The duo or trio can lead the party in a more intimate venue.  The band has a repertoire capable of appealing to all ages.  Folk instruments such as the Austrian cowbells, Bavarian xylophone and Alphorn are available in all configurations of the band.  Folk dancers can be added to work with the band adding to the variety of entertainment available.  Wireless mics allow the band to work a room, or festival tent up close and personal.  Guests love the individual attention they receive from band members.

They began performing festivals in June of 2007, and still perform at the
Tomball German Heritage Festival, Tomball German Christmas Market, Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Muenster's Germanfest, German American Society of Tulsa's Germanfest,  Addison's Oktoberfest, The Fort Worth Oktoberfest, Square One Oktoberfest party in Bryan, Saint Arnold Brewery Oktoberfest in Houston, The Linde Oktoberfest in Tulsa Oklahoma, Galveston's Oktoberfest, St John's Germanfest in Deanville, Texas, Deutsches Haus Oktoberfest in New Orleans, Hallet Oak Gallery's Christkindlmarkt, and maybe your next festival! 

For price and availability, call or e-mail: (area code 713) 598-8317  or  prostyall(at)windstream.net

The photo below was taken at Westfest 2007 - it's the cowbell choir, one of the interactive features in the show. 


Das Ist Lustig received the certificate below after their debut as a band at the Texas Folklife Festival in San Antonio.