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Do you like to travel?
So does Das Ist Lustig!

Join us for a trip to Austria in this June!

Do you want to go to Europe and visit the places you've always heard about?
Would you like to tell your friends about places you got to visit?  Would you like to travel with a small group, in a private bus with drinks, air conditioning, a lavatory, and no worries about where to park, or who's going to drive you home?

What have our past trips been like?  Drop in on the 2018 page to see what we experienced this past April.  Check out the 2017 page to see where we were the summer of 2017.  Check out the 2016 page to see what that summer's tour was like. 

Would you like to join us in the future?  We are accepting reservations for the Holiday in Austria for this upcoming June 2019!  Contact us soon for a spot on this exclusive small group holiday vacation!  
Has Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Prague been on your wish list?  We'll soon begin building a trip for the summer of 2020 to visit all of those places and more!

Sometimes we plan local gatherings to see Texas history, breweries, wineries and other fun places.  We also organize party buses to a festival or Oktoberfest where we play.  Check back here to see if there's one coming up! 
Music, fun and dancing every where we went....such a merry band of travelers....were we”

— Carole W

Our group trips are unique.  It's more like a family vacation with friends, complete with vacation movies!  Carl Henderson joins us for every trip.  He takes footage and photos everywhere we go, then he edits the footage together to share the experiences.  Click on the links below! 

2016 Germany Trip

2017 Germany Trip part 1

2017 Germany Trip part 2

2018 Germany and Netherlands Trip part 1

2018 Germany and Netherlands Trip part 2<br>

In July 2015, we embarked on an exciting research trip to Germany and the Netherlands, where we picked up a whole suitcase full of brochures from places we visited with the hopes of taking you with us for our next visit!  There is so much to be seen, tasted, experienced, discovered, and photographed.  Beautiful landscapes, imposing fortresses, romantic vinyards, relaxing waterways, exciting cultural displays, breathtaking palaces, basilicas and cathedrals...the list could go on and on!  From the centuries old cobbles under your feet to the tops of the cathedral spires, when you're in Europe, you're surrounded by unbelievable beauty and history!  
About the tour managers:  Ross and Valina of Das Ist Lustig have each traveled and performed in Europe, and Valina lived in The Netherlands for a year.  They are familiar with some of the local customs, and can speak a little of the language.  Sam is Valina's brother.  He also has experience traveling in Europe.  He will act as an assistant manager, schlepper of luggage and general good humor guy.   

Why travel with Das Ist Lustig?  You will experience Europe with a group of people who love laughter, history, architecture, nature, live music, a variety of ethnic foods, and beverages.  Hotels will be in friendly villages where the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities is left behind, and a little bit of the old ways are still alive in the day to day activity of the people who live there.  We strive to find unique places to visit as well as ensuring you get to see the some of the popular places too.  We will bring some of our instruments, so we can sing some of your favorite folk songs!

Keep an eye on this website for updates.